Meet the Team



Sophia Nesamoney

Co-founder and Writer

Sophia Nesamoney is a student at Stanford University, where she is studying human biology and creative writing. She is a two-time published novelist who hopes to give voice to women and children around the world. She is interested in global maternal and neonatal health and hopes to someday become a pediatrician.

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Sean Nesamoney

Co-founder and Illustrator

Sean Nesamoney is a student at Menlo High School. He is interested in computer programming and digital design. In his free time, he enjoys singing and music production. He has recently found a passion for composition and songwriting and hopes to empower others with his music and lyrics. 



Vinitha Raghavan, MD

Fact Checker

Vinitha Raghavan specializes in Nephrology and critical care. She lives in Chicago and has over 39 years of medical experience. She graduated from Guntur Medical College and Cornell. She is currently serving on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.  



Elisa González Mendoza

Spanish Translator Audiobook Reader

Elisa is a student at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. She is passionate about creating entrepreneurship programs for students in disadvantaged areas in Mexico. 


Sarah Yuann Kim

Korean Translator

Sarah is a sophomore at Stanford University, and she is from Irvine, California. Having moved to the United States from Korea when she was 9, Sarah loves participating in projects where she can use her bilingual ability. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, dancing, and watching Architectural Digest videos on YouTube.


Skylar O'Brien

Mandarin Co-Translator

Skylar is a senior at Castilleja High School


Chloe Nicolaou

French Translation

Audiobook Reader

Chloe is a student at Dartmouth University. She is studying engineering and biology. In her free time, she enjoys skiing competitively. 

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Isabella de Vlieger

Dutch Translator

Isabella is a student at Stanford studying Human Biology and Theater and Performance Studies. She hopes to be a trauma surgeon one day. Her dad, Olav, was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently lives in Arizona. 


Charlotte Yao

Mandarin Co-Translator

Charlotte is a sophomore at Menlo High School


Muhammad Media Adimurti

Indonesian Translator

Media is an English Literature Bachelor from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also a part time traveler. During his free time, he travels, reads books, takes pictures, and listens to music.


Vimala Raj

Hindi and Tamil Translator

Vimala Raj is the grandmother of Sean and Sophia. She is from India and lived in many places, including Chennai, Devakottai, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam. She graduated from Alagappa College in Karaikudi, India and studied accounting at Queens College in New York City. 


Narasipur Raj

Kannada Translator

Narasipur Raj is the grandfather of Sean and Sophia. He is from India and lived in many places, including Bangalore, Kolkata, Mysore, and Hyderabad. He studied at Bangalore College of Engineering and obtained his master's of engineering at Colorado State University.